Where To Buy Cryptocurrency - Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust

By cryptocurrency we mean the basic unit of account – bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC, BTC, cue, bitcoin) and alternative coins – altcoins (Altcoin, ALT). You can buy and exchange cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars, euros and any other official currencies.

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is in their decentralization, anonymity, security and steadily increasing rate. The variability (volatility) of the course is a unique opportunity to earn money on trades and investments in crypto-money.

Activities and operations with cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the Foundation of the cryptocurrency world. Any altcoins are calculated through bitcoin and work on similar principles. What can you also do when you’re looking where to buy crypto with USD Digital coins are bought, sold, exchanged for Fiat (fiduciary – confirmed by the state) money or goods and services. 

The essence of transactions is that you give one cryptocurrency and get another coin, RUB rubles, USD dollars, EUR euros, UAH hryvnia or goods/services. The transaction is provided with a digital signature of the sender, it must be confirmed (processed) by other members of the network!

When crushing 1 BTC succeed indivisible particles – Satoshi. 1 bitcoin is equal to 100 000 000 Satoshi. Conversely, 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC.

A similar division occurs with altcoins. For different directions of exchange there are different rates. For example, now 1 Ethereum (ETH) in relation to the Litecoin altcoin (LTC) is equal to 4.24.

This means that you can buy crypto with USD, sell, exchange any shares of cryptocurrencies in the form of “cents” – Satoshi.

It is not necessary to operate only with integers. Using the examples of real transactions in this article, you will buy crypto currency.

The translation of the cryptocurrency also has nuances. One of the important is “where to buy crypto with USD with low fees” The recipient in fact sent the amount that was recorded in the previous transaction-block (the amount received on your wallet), and then – you return the change (formed another 1 block).

For example, you received 2 BTC and want to buy crypto with USD with low fees. The system sends 2 BTC to the recipient (exchange, exchanger, intermediary), and then returns you the balance – 1 BTC in the form of change + fees according to the exchange rate. This is how the Blockchain system works.

The 3 best places to buy currency of 2019

  • Contractual exchanges (usually in specialized forums through private intermediaries)
  • High-speed online exchangers (points and services of crypto currency exchange on the Internet)
  • Special exchanges (Poloniex, BitFinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Exmo, YoBit)

The speed of transactions plays an important role in the buying of crypto, sale and exchange. If the exchange of crypto coins through special online services takes 10-30 minutes, the sale of bitcoins/altcoins on exchanges can take 1-3 days or longer.

Do not want to wait – use high-speed exchangers, but pay mandatory fees. On the other hand, the advantage of exchanges is that you can play with the rates, get more favorable exchange rates, sacrificing waiting time.

Fees and prices of cryptocurrencies, where you can buy crypto currency, are the main criteria for profitable exchange, purchase, sale. Even on different exchanges there are different rates, not to mention private exchangers, which themselves set the rules unilaterally.

Before exchanging coins it will be useful to visit several services and compare their rates/commissions. It is for this reason that in the second part of the article we have considered not 1, but 4 exchangers, thus giving you a choice.

In most services, when buying, selling, exchanging cryptocurrencies, limits and restrictions on the maximum and minimum amount are set. These are the limits within which the system is able to process applications in the shortest possible time.

2 options are available in the technology of closing transactions:

  • The service pays you money from personal reserve stocks, in fact, bypassing the Blockchain (so faster)
  • The application is given to buy miners, for example, through cryptocurrency exchanges (a little longer)

Both options are valid if you trust the exchange service and its positive reviews. Exchanges of crypto-coins in both cases will differ slightly in speed and size of commissions.

The need for registration and authorization is another 1 point that must be taken into account when buying, exchanging, selling cryptocurrency. Most often, registration allows you to accumulate discounts/bonuses, participate in affiliate and referral programs. So if you’re interesting in options where to buy crypto with credit card, do not forget to register.

If you check no, the system binds the transaction to the wallet addresses or Email addresses of participants. The entrance is through social media accelerates the authorization and makes the exchange.

When choosing a specific web site for private transactions, do not forget to check your reputation. Read reviews on the Internet, review the ratings and opinions of experts, analyze existing comments forums.

A competent approach to the question where to buy crypto with credit card will save you from scams, reduce risks and allow you to find the best conversion rate. If the sites have settlement scripts and calculators – use them.